Collection: Direct Trade and Micro-Lot Coffees

Direct Trade coffee is the best way to enjoy local, small-batch coffee treasures without actually having to travel there yourself. Do you have a certain bakery that makes the BEST cupcakes ever, or maybe a favorite family-owned restaurant that serves the most AMAZING soups you've ever tried? Now imagine that...but with coffee beans!

Small family farms that wow the locals with their extraordinary coffee, don't always have the resources to join a large co-op and share it with the rest of the world. Even if they did manage to get into one, their unique beans would get blended in with everyone else's in the region. But not with Perk Up Coffee Inc.'s Direct Trade Coffees.

Our new Direct Trade Coffees aim to bring you these amazing coffee gems straight from the farm—untampered with, unblended, and truly single-origin coffees, right down to the local soil they're grown in. Direct Trade is a system that pays coffee farmers based on the quality of their product. The higher the quality, the more the farmer makes. By favoring and rewarding quality over quantity, it not only encourages the farms to keep improving their crops but will even assist them in doing so if needed.

By paying up to 300% higher wages than Fair Trade, Direct Trade creates a truly sustainable employment model. Any time you buy from this page, you're helping alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions, and that's definitely something worth drinking to!

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